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Produce custom reports on any user, object or action within your portal. Access and review all kinds of archived system activity via audit logs.


Assign courses and curriculums based on your trainees’ specific skills. Keep close track of their development.

Skill gap testing

Detect your employees’ weaknesses with our skill-gap tests and analysis. Redesign their learning paths according to their needs.


Build each user’s training program around their specific jobs. Keep your employees focused and productive.

User Types

Control access to your portal’s different areas and functionalities. Classify users by different User Types with varying roles and permissions.

Single Sign-on

Simplify user authentication and enhance your platform’s security. Built-in support for SAML 2.0, LDAP and other SSO implementations.


Divide your training portal to sub-portals according to your organizational structure. Customize your Branches to operate independently.


Bring users together into logical groups based on combined conditions like Branch, Job and User Type to diversify your training.


Control your security level with our set of configurable safety measures including password rules, 2-factor authentication and IP whitelisting.

Mass Actions

Perform specific actions on multiple users and courses all at once and save valuable time and overhead.

Custom fields

Extend profiles by adding all kinds of custom fields to refine user and course information.


Let your coding experts integrate your eLearning platform with third-party software and scripts via our powerful REST API.

Archive support

Safely store deleted users, courses, and lessons in your archive until further notice so that no data or content is ever lost by mistake.


Hundreds of additional third-party applications and services can be integrated with your eLearning platform via Zapier.