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Integrate eFront with your authentication provider and simplify the signup and login process for your users across your organization and reduce password fatigue

SAML 2.0

An industry standard protocol for web-based authentication and authorization

eFront communicates with all Identity Providers via the SAML 2.0 protocol to exchange authentication data securely for implementing a solid Single Sign-on process.


A client/server protocol for accessing directory information

eFront supports the secure exchange of user directory information with your Identity Provider via the LDAP protocol to facilitate a Single Sign-on process.

Active Directory

Microsoft’s directory and authentication service

eFront enables Single Sign-on implementation through Active Directory, Microsoft’s LDAP-based user information directory and authentication service for all Windows domain networks.


Microsoft’s security protocol suite

eFront supports NTLM-based Single Sign-on authentication mainly on stand-alone Windows systems that are not using the more recent and secure Microsoft Kerberos package.


The popular social medium and Identity Provider

Use Facebook as a secure Identity Provider for web services. Allow users to sign in your portal with their Facebook account.


Login to eFront with Google Sign in

Allow new users to access your training portal easily and quickly by using their Google account.