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Energize your training with webinars, ILT and collaborative sessions with the most popular videoconferencing software.


Integrate eFront with thousands of Zapier-compatible web apps and services.


Set up your eLearning store and process your online payments with the world’s fastest and safest services.

Single Sign On

Integrate eFront with your authentication provider and simplify the signup and login process for your users across your organization and reduce password fatigue.


Keep your users informed on their learning schedule and notify them of any upcoming training events.

eLearning Standards

Enjoy eFront’s support for widely used eLearning formats and protocols and get creative with your training content.

Content Integration

Create rich courses faster by embedding and re-using all kinds of available training material and multimedia content.

Javascript Integration

Extend your portal’s functionality by integrating it with all types of JavaScript-based web services.

API & Plugins

eFront gives developers programmatic access for creating any kind of integration or workflow automation.


Explore every integration option available.