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Deliver the right training to the right people

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And in isolated training environments


With only a handful of intelligent features, eFront gives you the power to create infinite training audiences and infinite isolated learning environments.

Divide and conquer your training with only a few clicks

With our dynamic Branches feature, you can divide your users into segments that make sense to you and reflect your organization’s hierarchy. Keep dividing by job type, skills, language, department, city, country or any custom user category until you have the exact training audience you need. With Branches you can also create limitless isolated learning portals. Keep your internal training separate from your extended enterprise training. Deliver your training to the right people and they’ll see only what is relevant to them. Assign different admins and receive segmented reporting. Go further, and assign different course catalogs, user permissions and even custom branding to each learning portal.As a multi-tenant LMS, no training audience or training scenario is too complex for eFront. Whether your training program is for a simple company-wide audience with only a few groups, or it’s for a large-scale, extended enterprise audience with dozens of segmented groups, eFront will handle it.